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Ceri­um, dig­i­tal sculpt­ing, ren­der­ing and post.


From sphere to humanoid.

I con­stant­ly mod­ern­iz­ing and devel­op my own work­flow on 3D design. I made this project to test new pos­si­bil­i­ties and pass the way from idea to sculp­ture in Zbrush, UV maps in Rizom, mate­ri­als and tex­tures in Sub­stance Painter, ren­der in Octane and final­ly post-pro­duc­tion in AfterEffect/Photohop. Ceri­um, like my oth­er dig­i­tal sculp­tures is named after geo­des. This work exem­pli­fies my curios­i­ty and desire to be bet­ter dig­i­tal artist, and to have high­er com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills with CGI teams in future projects.

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