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Warn­er & Dis­cov­ery TVN Events 2021–2023

Con­stant­ly forc­ing art into enor­mous tele­vi­sion concrete.

Even though tele­vi­sion is lag­ging behind, it still strug­gles with stream­ing and the inter­net rev­o­lu­tion. This sit­u­a­tion requires a dif­fer­ent way of think­ing about the expe­ri­ence that the media offers to new con­sumers. That’s why every time Warn­er Broth­ers, Dis­cov­ery and TVN asked for it, I tried to help them change their habits and show them a new per­spec­tive. I got three oppor­tu­ni­ties to show a new way of think­ing about the visu­al aspect of their events. When TVN (the largest Pol­ish tele­vi­sion group) need­ed help with a huge con­fer­ence in spring 2021. Anoth­er time when TVN was merged with Dis­cov­ery and they had to explain these changes. The last time Dis­cov­ery merged with Warn­er Broth­ers and cre­at­ed a mon­strous com­pa­ny with seem­ing­ly lim­it­less possibilities.

With dif­fer­ent briefs, I was cre­at­ing big ideas that would cov­er every aspect of the event expe­ri­ence. Each time I cre­at­ed movie con­cepts, pro­duced 3D ren­ders, style­frames and key visu­als to show what it should look like. I wrote scripts and drew sto­ry­boards for an impor­tant mov­ing ele­ment in the project. At the end of my cre­ative process, I sup­port­ed teams in ani­mat­ing ele­ments across mul­ti­ple screens in con­fer­ence and broad­cast. Some­times with a clas­sic way of show­ing every­thing in design, some­times with a group of dancers with an inter­ac­tive large screen and Unre­al Engine envi­ron­ment. Lots of thoughts, lots of work, lots of stress­ful sit­u­a­tions, new gray hair.

Project made in coop­er­a­tion with Piloci Stu­dio.
bid ideas, key visu­als, print and dig­i­tal design, sto­ry­boards, still­frames, man­ag­ing teams.

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